Carriage House Complete Remodel

Before and After

This Carriage house in downtown Denver, was most recently used as storage but had certainly at some point been used for cars and we believe a horse and carriage at the beginning.



This carriage house was in great shape as a structure. All the brick walls were sound. But to bring it up to code and to make it a separate living space we had a lot of work to do. Structurally we added some larger roofing and flooring members, as well as metal tie rods in the rafters, c-channel and a beam or two. We then added water, electric, gas and sewer. We were able to come up with some creative ways to use the limited space, 800 square foot on two floors, and to add some very original details. In keeping with the original use being a carriage house, our client found some horse shoes for the landing and commissioned a friend to paint a mural with horses on the wall. We had a lot of fun with the bubbles in the shower upstairs and while we don't currently have pictures we had some fun setting a color changing light from Ikea in behind a mirror in the downstairs bathroom. Also to save a little historic piece of the property our client had us sand and refinish the wood floor in the closet upstairs. To keep the Landmark Society happy we kept the look of the original windows and kept the look of the garage door and alley door on the outside but made them windows only on the inside.